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Hangingstone Ventures Ltd. is a hydrovac company based in Fort McMurray AB, that services all of Alberta and Western Canada. Our impressive fleet of tri-drive hydrovac trucks consist of all newer equipment and are maintained at a high standard. In addition, we have a single axle hydrovac and a Morooka hydrovac that will help to access the most difficult terrain. All of our trucks run Tornado Global Hydrovac systems.

Environmental Impact &
Safety are Top Priorities

We are dedicated to reducing as much disruption to the environment as possible by offering several different options of hand digging classified equipment. The accuracy of these vehicles being able to isolate an area to the size of excavation required eliminates unnecessary ground disturbance by large equipment and possible interference with underground utilities. Our variety of machinery allows you to choose the best suited equipment for your terrain year round without needing to alter grounds for accessibility.

The less impact we leave on the environment, the more impact we leave with our customers.

Hangingstone Ventures Ltd. is known for providing outstanding services to the pipeline and construction industry. Our management team has numerous years of practical experience while our size allows us to complete large projects. We attribute our success to open and prompt communication; every phone call is answered by management and any concerns with work performance or safety is dealt with immediately and professionally.

Our employees are highly experienced and knowledgeable. Our current clients have remarked that they appreciate having the same employees on a job from start to finish. We have low employee turn-over which promotes solid working relationships among our employees and clients that have resulted in more productive work days.

The safety of our clients and our employees is our first priority. Our philosophy is that by demanding a high safety standard, we are delivering to our clients the best customer service. They seem to agree.

Air-Vac and Hydrovac in Edmonton, Alberta
Contractor Qualification Network
Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition

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