Specialized for Difficult Terrain.

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Tracked Hydrovac Trucks for All Saskatchewan Work

No matter what the conditions, this specialized unit is sure to get the job done

Hangingstone Ventures is proud to offer our selection of unique hydrovac air excavators that are effective in any unpredictable climate or terrain Western Canada can throw at it. The Morooka Carrier Hydrovac is the ideal machine for any remote location industrial job site. With our innovative and durable hydrovac, you can rest assured that any location is accessible and that nothing will stand in the way of completing your job. This one-of-a-kind excavator is custom built to function effectively in many of the extreme weather conditions for which Saskatchewan is known, whether it’s sun, rain, mud, or snow

A Uniquely Designed Truck for Irregular Terrain Services

Although our tracked hydrovac excavator functions more or less similar to a conventional hydrovac truck, its tracked transportation method allows it to access locations that a conventional hydrovac could not. With the unique ability to drive through rugged and rough ground, it eliminates terrain obstacles that prevent rural industrial work from being completed. That means despite the harsh weather and terrain conditions of Saskatchewan, our tracked hydrovac is always ready for work. 

If you have questions or require more information about our tracked hydrovac unit, contact Hanginstone Ventures today! For all of your hydrovac needs, Hangingstone Ventures is here for you. 

The specifications of our tracked hydrovac vacuum excavators are listed below. 

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Hydrovac Access in Anywhere in Saskatchewan

Hangingstone Ventures is based out of Fort McMurray, Alberta, but that does not stop us from ensuring all our customers in Saskatchewan have access to our unstoppable tracked hydrovac truck.

We provide our remarkable fleet of well-maintained specialized tracked hydrovac trucks consisting of innovative equipment and technologies for any job. 

Are you in Saskatchewan and need a hydrovac truck service but the terrain is impassable, rough, or seemingly impossible to navigate? Contact us today for more information on how we can help you get the job done.


  • 3500 Morooka Carrier
  • F2 Tornado Hydrovac
  • Rollover protection certified cab
  • 1000 gallon water tank
  • 8 cubic yard debris tank
  • 880,000 BTU boiler
  • 3560 Cat water pump
  • 5.2 PSI ground pressure
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