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Air Excavators in Alberta

Reduce disposal costs & environmental impact.
Dump dry debris right on site and use it to backfill your hole.
The first of its kind in the area – get ready for the future of safe digging!  Cut costs and cut time without cutting corners. This all-in-one truck uses high pressure air to dig instead of water, leaving you with no muddy mess, just dry debris you can put right back in your hole.  This truck dumps right on site, cutting driving cost to approved dump sites and eliminates trips to approved water sources, leaving you with more dig time to get the job done faster. If you are looking for air excavation services in the Alberta region, our air excavators at HS Ventures are ready to assist you on your next dig project. With our leading technology and level of efficiency, we are the top choice when it comes to air vacuum excavation in Alberta. 


  • Tri-Axle Chassis
  • Can suck wet or dry
  • 105 psi air
  • 20% quieter than conventional hydrovac
  • On board water & boiler can be used if necessary
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By using high pressure air to dig instead of water, we are able to recycle the soil back into the ground without outside contamination or by adding any volume to the fill. The debris from the air vac remains dry and can be immediately used for backfill or stored for later use. It does not need to be hauled away to an approved dump site which costs time and money and it does not create a wet mud hole when dumped. The air vac’s large dump bucket tilts from the side and drops the soil in a manageable sized pile on the job site. The technology offered by an air vac eliminates so many costs such as:

  • Disposal fees
  • Time driving to appropriate disposal sites
  • Paying for water
  • Paying for a truck to supply water or time driving to a water source
  • Coming and going of trucks on site creating congestion

The large 10” dig tube featured on our air vacs boasts more suction power than a hydrovac and the air vac’s dig wand cuts with only 105 psi air vs 2000 psi water, while producing the same results. The air vac uses a hydraulic arm that is able to bend and adjust in multiple positions to reach over and under obstacles, as opposed to a hydrovac’s telescopic arm that requires a 6m radius to maneuver with only an 8” dig tube.

Keeping a clean work site is sometimes unmanageable with a hydrovac. Once water is added to the equation, you increase the chances of slips and falls, mud covered gloves, hand tools, clogged fittings, a mess for other workers not suited up for wet conditions, and an overall unappealing work site. Using the pneumatic digging technology of an air vac eliminates those hazards increasing the safety and overall appearance of your job site.

Increase your projects productivity – Work time is spent digging and producing results instead of driving and restocking. Dig time with an air vac is spent excavating only soil, not doubling the debris to remove by adding water. Fill the massive 10 cubic meter tank without restrictions because this truck isn’t going anywhere until the job is done!


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