Specialized Hydrovac for Difficult Terrain.

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Tracked Hydrovac in Western Canada

Specialized hydrovac on tracks. This hydrovac unit can be used in the most difficult terrain and areas that standard hydrovacs have difficulty accessing.

Our selection of hydrovac air excavators is extremely unique and effective in Western Canada’s harsh and unpredictable climate. The Morooka Carrier Hydrovac is a uniquely designed hydrovac that you don’t see very often. This hydrovac machine is the ideal candidate for any remote location industrial job sites. Additionally, this one-of-a-kind excavator is built to function effectively in many of the extreme weather conditions for which Canada is known.

Hydrovac Designed to Service any Canadian Terrain

Our tracked hydrovac excavator functions the same as a conventional hydrovac in the sense that it is carrying an F2 Tornado system with an 8-yard debris tank. Its large tracks roll through rugged ground that no other truck would be able to manage and eliminates terrain barriers that prevent rural industrial work from being completed. Our tracked hydrovac excavator is designed to work in the roughest terrains including dirt, mud and snow. That means despite the harsh weather conditions of Western Canada, our tracked hydrovac is always ready for work.

Our hydrovac machines are specifically built to excel in the most difficult of terrains. For all of your hydrovac needs in Alberta, Alberta, and Western Canada, contact us today. The specifications of our Alberta tracked hydrovac vacuum excavators are listed below.


  • 3500 Morooka Carrier
  • F2 Tornado Hydrovac
  • Rollover protection certified cab
  • 1000 gallon water tank
  • 8 cubic yard debris tank
  • 880,000 BTU boiler
  • 3560 Cat water pump
  • 5.2 PSI ground pressure
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