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Single-Axle 4×4 Hydrovac Unit

Our smallest truck of the fleet is a F1 Tornado Hydrovac unit situated on a Kenworth 4X4 single axle chassis. Being smaller in size, this truck shouldn’t be mistaken for an underdog as this mighty machine is able to tackle tight locations larger trucks cannot squeeze into, and carries less weight over softer soil that could pose a problem to larger trucks sinking. This 4X4 truck also has floater tires available increasing its stability and traction through loose or soft soils and agricultural land. 


  • Kenworth 4X4
  • F1 Tornado Hydrovac
  • 500 gallon water tank
  • 5 cubic yard debris tank
  • 750,000 BTU boiler
  • 3560 Cat pump
  • Floater tires available
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Beat the spring break up with a lightweight 4X4 single axle truck that sails through soft spots and reduces rutting. Access rural locations while minimizing environmental impact and extend your work season through the winter thaw and rainy season with one of our single axle trucks. This single axle hydrovac is also ideal for residential and new construction areas that have narrow roads and limited vehicle space. Additionally, we understand not all jobs require a huge truck to complete. Let the single axle quickly squeeze in and out allowing you to carry on with your work.

Benefits of the single axle’s small size:

  • allows it to squeeze in small work spaces
  • requires less turn radius on narrow right-of-ways and corners
  • is able to take alternate routes to access job sites such as across fields vs roads
  • requires less overhead clearance
  • requires less boom radius allowing it to work closer alongside other equipment
  • Still uses the same size pump as a large truck producing equivalent dig power
  • costs less than a large truck
  • has less environmental impact

For so much less you really get so much more!

Edmonton, Alberta Single-Axle 4x4 Hydrovac Unit
Single-Axle 4x4 Hydrovac Unit Edmonton, Alberta

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